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Cali's Boxing Lesson

Cali Logan lost a bet with her friends and has to take a boxing lesson from Vanessa Harding. From the very start, it's obvious that Cali really doesn't want to be there. Vanessa doesn't take too kindly to this and punches Cali to shut her up! From there on out it's a 20 minute, one-sided boxing, slapping, and punching beat down as poor Cali get knocked out over and over again!

Vanessa punishes the punch drunk girl with fast paced punches throughout the living room! The sweet California visitor is so out of it that she has a silly grin on her face and glassy eyes as she becomes Vanessa's punching bag!

As Cali lays unconscious, Vanessa teases her limp face and plays with her bare feet to make sure she's truly out! In the end, sexy Cali is left hog-tied and in dream land!

Cali's Boxing Lesson - 01Click here for our video teaser!Cali's Boxing Lesson - 01Cali's Boxing Lesson - 02Cali's Boxing Lesson - 03Cali's Boxing Lesson - 04Cali's Boxing Lesson - 05Cali's Boxing Lesson - 06Cali's Boxing Lesson - 07Cali's Boxing Lesson - 08Cali's Boxing Lesson - 09Cali's Boxing Lesson - 10Cali's Boxing Lesson - 11Cali's Boxing Lesson - 12

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