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Boxers vs Wrestlers: Part Two

Amo shot one more punch into Carrie's beautiful face then pulled her up to her feet. It was easy to steady the groggy wrestler as she slammed an uppercut into her exposed chin, sending the little girl flying to the mat.

Amo then went over to her corner to celebrate with Alex while Carrie struggled to get to her corner and tag in her partner. The blondes talked briefly to try and come up with a strategy for fighting these amazon type boxers. Becca seemed to be confident that she could come up with something and took to the ring while Amo tagged Alex back in.

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The girls circled and Becca kept her distance this time. When Alex finally got frustrated and threw a wild punch, Becca simply ducked, letting the boxing glove fly over her head. As she was down low, the wrestler grabbed Alex by the legs and sent her to the mat.

The blond wrestler moved quickly and rolled Alex over onto her belly to apply a tight leg lock. Alex struggled but was unable to throw any punches from this position.

Then Becca  moved her opponent into a bow and arrow move that had Alex wincing in pain! But Becca made one huge mistake! She forgot how tall these girls were and all Alex had to do was outstretch her arm and tag Amo!

Becca realized her mistake but it was too late! Amo came into the ring and dove on the blond, pushing her onto her back. Another series of ground and pound punches rocked poor Becca's face but she wasn't done yet!

The wrestler managed to get her legs up and around her foe, pulling Amo off of her and into a tight side head scissors! She made sure that she kept Amo from reaching Alex and scooted over toward Carrie so she could tag her in.

Carrie jumped into the ring, yanked a surprised Amo to her feet by the hair, and slapped on a tight head lock! Amo struggled to escape but the big boxing gloves made it hard to get a grip on the blond.

After giving Amo a sufficient squeeze, Carrie took her to the ropes and wrapped her up into a painful surfboard hold! Amo screamed out in discomfort as her arms felt like they were going to be pulled from her body!

Knowing that the tall beauty was weakening, Carrie was able to place her head over the middle ropes, choking her. Alex watched from her corner, unable to help her partner.

Suddenly, Becca showed up on the outside of the ropes and positioned herself for a standing head scissors hold on the helpless boxer! Amo grunted in pain, not knowing what to do to get these two little wrestlers off of her!

Carrie stepped back and Becca splashed her butt into Amo's face, sending her flying back into the ring! Amo was nearly out of it from the choking and squeezing so Carrie mounted her in a tight school girl pin!

The count began ..... ONE!!!! ..... TWO!!! .....