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Boxers vs Wrestlers: Part Three

Just as Carrie was ready to count out "THREE!!", Alex jumped through the ropes and smacked her in the face! Carrie went flying, breaking the count on Amo!

Alex quickly grabbed the stunned blond and yanked her to the feet, calling her partner over. Alex steadied Carrie and with Amo standing on the opposite side, gave the little cutie a hard right hook to the face!

The force of the blow spun Carrie to face Amo, who slammed her own left hook into poor Carrie's face! The force spun her around again only to be met with another punch by Alex.

Becca finally jumped into the ring to stop this slaughter of her team mate but Alex simply turned around and smashed Becca in the face.

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At this point, both Carrie and Becca were being punched out by the tall boxing team! The smack of leather on pretty faces resounded through the studio. Blond hair was flying and cute heads were snapping side to side!

Amo and Alex finally stopped their massive beating and positioned Carrie and Becca side by side. The boxing girls swung their fists back and SMASHED the wrestlers with simultaneous uppercuts that sent then flying backward and down to the mat!

Dazed and confused, Carrie and Becca struggled over to the ropes while the tall boxing beauties patiently waited in their corner. Alex and Amo knew that the two little girls were done for, but were also a little surprised that Carrie and Becca were still staggering to their feet! They could easily have stayed down after the uppercuts and taken the defeat.

As soon as the wrestlers got to their feet, Amo and Alex grabbed them and pulled them to the center of the ring. Carrie and Becca could barely focus as they were placed back to back. Their sexy legs were weak, their arms hung uselessly at their sides, and they could barely open their eyes to see what was about to happen!

The beautiful boxers steadied the young girls by placing one boxing glove under their chins, then they pulled back their fists and said "Nighty-night, girls!"

To put full force into the punches, Amo and Alex released their hold on Carrie and Becca's chins. But the two little wrestlers were so weak that they immediately dropped to the mat! It was too late for the boxing girls to stop the momentum of their punches and SMASHED each other in the face for an immediate and double knockout!

Amo and Alex dropped like rocks to the mat, out cold! Carrie and Becca slowly regained their senses and saw the boxing women laid out in the ring! Not really knowing what happened they decided to go for the win and laid across the boxers for the pin! They counted to ten in unison then stood up on wobbly legs to raise each other's hands in victory!

Then came the chore of removing these unconscious females from the ring. Carrie and Becca grabbed Amo first and rolled her out of the ring. Alex followed, leaving a pile of boxing babes laying on the carpet in a heap!

The wrestling beauties surveyed the girls outside the ring then looked at each other. They knew exactly what to do …. continue their wrestling match!!!