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Boxers vs Wrestlers: Part One

Becca and Carrie had reserved the ring to settle a wrestling rivalry that had been building for a very long time.  Each girl had been training hard and was confident that she could defeat her opponent.  The day had finally come to settle old scores – once and for all.  They reserved the ring for 2 hours, knowing that this battle would be a long and hard match.  With the rules settled and the bikinis on, they met privately ... no ref, and no interferences! At least they thought so!!

The match started evenly as the beauties locked up in center ring. Carrie quickly pulled Becca down into a tight headlock then threw her to the mat with a snap mare that momentarily stunned her rival. But Becca has experienced worse moves and as Carrie reached down to grab a handful of hair, the young beauty gave her a sharp kick to the forehead!

For a moment is looked as though the match would be a draw.  Clearly, both girls were dazed but Becca quickly shook off the fog and trapped Carrie in a painful, single leg Boston crab.  Surely this would make her submit.  Carrie pounded the mat, screaming for mercy.  But it quickly became obvious that the wrestlers were not alone. Two female boxers, Alex and Amo Morbia approached the ring. 

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Becca was the first to spot them. “What the hell are you doing here?  This is supposed to be a private match.  We reserved the ring for 2 hours and paid the ring fees." As she spoke, she released Carrie from the leglock.

The tall boxing beauties stepped up onto the ring apron and Amo said, “We don't care if you rented this ring for a week! Boxing is a much more difficult sport and we need our sparring time."

"Really? Boxing is more difficult? You punch each other like animals until one gets knocked out. Wrestling is a mind game ... planning each move, pitting your muscles against another person using skill and dexterity." said Carrie.

Alex responded, "Why don't we settle this with a little match? Our boxing skills against your wrestling skills. Tag team style."

Carrie and Becca agreed and the boxers stepped into the ring for a quick stare down before taking opposite corners. Becca chose to go first for the blond wrestlers, while Alex took the stage in her corner. The bell rang and the two girls met in the center of the ring. They circled, feeling each other out ... then, without warning, Alex popped Becca in the nose with a jab. She continued hitting the stunned wrestler with jabs forcing her back into the corner where she began working over her soft belly. Little grunts came from Becca's mouth as the air was slowly forced from her lungs. Then Alex followed up with several hooks to Becca's pretty face causing her to get weaker and weaker.

With the little blond wrestler dazed from the assault of punches, Alex smashed her in the chin with a powerful uppercut! Becca went down, nearly unconscious!

As Becca struggled to get up, Alex went to her corner and celebrated with her boxing partner. They were in no hurry to win this match and laughed as Becca staggered to her corner to tag in Carrie. Alex and Amo tagged also, bringing the new combatants to the center of the ring.

As if it was a complete repeat of what Alex did to Becca, Amo shot out sharp jabs that sent the stunned Carrie back into the corner. But Amo was a bit more sluggish as a boxer than Alex and Carrie was able to duck one of the punches.

She went to work quickly and rushed the taller woman, grabbing her around the waist and tackling her to the mat. But unfortunately for Carrie, Amo was much bigger and managed to roll herself on top of the poor girl, where she began to do a little ground and pound on her pretty face!