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Bodacious Boxers

We recently had the pleasure of having our two lovely fems, Nikki and Tracy, put on the boxing gloves and go at it in front of our camera. What followed was a fast-punching, give and take punch fest that you're surely going to like! And in keeping with the rather silliness that many times creeps into our videos, you're going to love Tracy's rather unusual slant on boxing! Poor Nikki is dazed and confused as Tracy goes to town on her in the latter part of this video and we're sure that you're going to LOVE the conclusion of this fight!!

*Our vintage videos were filmed at a lower quality during the early years of FWR and are now being offered at a discount.

Bodacious Boxers - 01Click here for our video teaser!Bodacious Boxers - 01Bodacious Boxers - 02Bodacious Boxers - 03Bodacious Boxers - 04Bodacious Boxers - 05Bodacious Boxers - 06Bodacious Boxers - 07Bodacious Boxers - 08

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