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Blond vs Brunette: Part Two

The blond was completely in charge at this point and pulled the brunette over to choke her on the top ropes! Poor LeAnn was in shock from the brutality of her sexy opponent and before she knew it, was being thrown across the ring.

She bounced ott the opposite ropes and was catapulted back toward Becca, where a stiff knee smashed into her midsection!

LeAnn went straight to her hands and knees, gasping for air! Her opponent wasted no time and wrapped her legs around the brunette's head.

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Not happy with a simple standing head scissors, Becca dropped her upper body over LeAnn's back and wrapped her arms around her midsection.

At this point, poor LeAnn was not only having her neck squeezed between Becca's strong thighs, but also was having her belly squeezed in a bear hug! The brunette could barely breath!

The blond was really having her way with the brunette and forced their bodies to fall to the side where she could apply even MORE pressure to both squeezing moves.

Finally satisfied that LeAnn would be able to offer no more resistance, Becca released her and yanked her to the feet by her dark hair and put her on the ropes.

Suddenly, LeAnn found herself trapped in the ropes with her arms outstretched! As Becca taunted her, she realized that she was in big trouble!

The blond beauty began kicking and stomping LeAnn's exposed belly, causing the brunette to grunt in pain! The pounding was brutal as Becca went to town on her defenseless foe!

She slammed her foot into LeAnn's stomach several times on one side, then slowly walked to the other side to use her other foot. Becca relished in the fact that LeAnn was helpless, unable to defend herself, and an open target!

Finally, Becca dropped to her knees in front of the brunette and while holding her head up by the hair, slammed punch after punch into her belly.

LeAnn was reduced to a groggy mess as Becca stepped through the ropes and moved behind her. The blond slowly and deliberately snaked her arms around LeAnn's neck and head, then applied pressure!

LeAnn reacted with shock and fear, then slowly succumbed to the sleeper hold. Her eyes rolled up into her head and her muscles went limp. The final "sigh" sound proved that she was completely unconscious.

Becca, the beautiful blond, posed victorious behind the sleeping brunette. Then she returned inside the ring where she performed a few more victory poses to display the brunette loser.

Becca finished this match off by releasing LeAnn from the ropes so she crumbled to the mat.

With a quick roll of the limp body, Becca was able to position herself for the most humiliating of victory poses … the schoolgirl pin.

The endless debate had been settled, blondes were tougher than brunettes … at least this time!