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Blond vs Brunette: Part One

Throughout the ages fans have wondered who would win in a fight … a blond or a brunette. Some think the fair haired girls are softer looking, while others see them as stronger. Brunettes seem to be more confident, yet that confidence can be their downfall.

We've matched up two of our most beautiful girls, LeAnn the brunette versus Becca the blond. They each took the challenge happily and, after putting on their leotards, entered our squared circle and faced off.

As they met in the center of the ring, it was obvious that LeAnn had a few inches on Becca but the blond has more wrestling experience.

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When the bell rang, they joined up in a test of strength. LeAnn obviously had the stronger upper body and soon had Becca down on one knee. Then, with a quick movement, the brunette swung around behind her opponent and locked her up in a double arm choke with a knee in her back.

Becca gasped in surprise but suddenly felt LeAnn's fingers lock into her blond hair. She was yanked to her feet and brought down into a tight side headlock!

Things didn't look good for the blond but she wasn't going down that easily! She managed to pull LeAnn's grip loose and yank her head free, only to move behind the stunned brunette to administer a painful hammerlock.

LeAnn struggled to free herself as her opponent forced the arm up higher and higher. Knowing that she would be in deep trouble, LeAnn finally found a way to escape. Reaching over her shoulder, she managed to catch Becca's head and flip her to the mat!

The sudden slam to the canvas had Becca stunned as LeAnn quickly sat down and snapped her long tanned thighs around the blonde's neck! The contrast of Becca's fair skin against the muscular thighs that encased her head was a beautiful sight, but a painful feeling for the blond! She pried at the strong flesh, kicked her feet, and tried to push free but it was useless.

Becca could easily have succumbed to the scissors hold but she realized that her adversary was leaning forward to look down into her eyes. With a quick kick of both legs, the blond managed to hook her feet around LeAnn's head, pulling her to the side.

As she rolled, LeAnn let her hold relax just enough that Becca was able to push free. The blond knew that she had to move fast so she quickly jumped on her foe to administer some leg holds that would hopefully weaken those powerful thighs!

The wrestling match was obviously going the distance as the blond yanked hard on the leg lock she had on the brunette. Unfortunately, she pulled so hard that she leaned back and exposed her beautiful neck to LeAnn!

LeAnn saw her chance and got Becca around the throat, bending her back awkwardly!  The blond had no choice and was forced to release the leg lock. She gasped for air as LeAnn continued choking her with both hands.

But the brunette knew that she didn't have a strong enough hold so she yanked Becca up to her feet by her blond tresses.  With her foe in front of her, LeAnn jumped up onto Becca's back for a new choke hold! She also locked her legs around the blonde's midsection to constrict her lungs even more!

LeAnn was confident that this could be the match ending move … until she realized that she was moving backwards! Becca SLAMMED LeAnn into the corner turnbuckles, causing her to release the hold.

The blond suddenly turned and slammed several punches, knees, and stomps into LeAnn's stomach causing the brunette to cry out in pain and gasp for air!