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Bent Out of Shape

Hi! This is Becca! I love wrestling the other girls at FWR but my favorite is Carrie! She can be tough but I've found out that if you catch her off guard she can be fun to beat up!

I heard that she was gonna be in the studio doing some stretching exercises so I snuck into the dressing room and put on a cute wrestling outfit. Then I went up to the ring, acting like her best friend and struck up a nice conversation with her.

"You're really flexible!" I said. "Yeah, it really helps me get out of nasty holds when I'm wrestling." she responded.

I decided to get right to the point. "Do you want to have a best of three falls match ... for fun, of course!" I smiled a lot so that she was relaxed. "Sure!" she responded and we took our corners and gave each other our best stare downs then finally circled and locked up. 

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I've gotta give her credit, she's quick and before I knew it my arm was being yanked up behind my back! But I'm quick too ... and a little evil!

I reached back, grabbed her head and tossed her over my shoulder! Ha ha! She squealed a little when she hit the mat.

She was a little shocked by the surprising flip, giving me time to lay down and snake my legs around her head.  I worked her over a little and then grabbed one of her legs, bending it back while still holding her head in my thighs.

"Yeah! You're REALLY flexible!", I mocked as she gurgled in pain. She managed to say "What are you doing? You said this was for fun!"  I just laughed and released her. "Well, I guess I changed my mind, sweetheart! I'm gonna have some fun finding out how bendable you are!"

Then I stomped her a few times to keep her on the mat and followed with a nasty boston crab that had her slapping the mat in pain. I made sure that I sat way up on her shoulders so that I could bend her really far! I was actually surprised that she could be bent so far!

At this point, the girl was pretty groggy and no longer a threat, so I took my time hauling her to her feet. I think she was relieved that the back bending was done, but I quickly grabbed her and tossed her over my knee ... HARD! She screamed from the pain then simply lay there moaning softly. But I was ready to get my first submission and VERY slowly increased the pressure on her chin and leg, bending her more and more. I was really surprised at how far I got her but she soon moaned "I give!!"

I let her roll off my knee and struck my famous victory pose. "That's one for me!" I said as I went over to my corner to wait for Carrie to recover.

It was so awesome seeing her stumble to her feet and stagger back to her corner! She kinda hung there, still groggy from the punishment I gave her. I looked over at her and said, "Ok, this is a best of three falls match. Are you ready for round two?" She mumbled something so I figured she was ready ... well, I was!

I moved out of my corner and taunted her as she came up to me. Then, before she knew it, I flipped her HARD to the mat and began hitting her with punches to the small of her back! She tried to get up but I laid down and wrapped my legs around her midsection and squeezed a little scream out of her.

She was in the perfect position for me to bend her some more so I grabbed her foot and hair, yanking them together! I think she began crying a little at this point so I decided to give her a break and finish the match quickly. A strong one-armed sleeper soon had her gurgling and crossing her eyes. It was really cool to feel her body go limp, like it no longer had the ability to fight. Her hands dropped to the mat as she went unconscious.

I made sure to do a bunch of victory poses over her, declaring myself the winner with two falls to none. She moaned very softly so I knew that she heard me.

I left her all alone in the ring, happy that I had the chance to get in the ring and prove my wrestling superiority to Carrie! Maybe when she wakes up she'll realize that I'm MUCH better than her!