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Bella Ink Meets Tani

This great 30 minute wrestling match features a confident Bella Ink going up against a nervous Tani. Bella tries her best to get Tani in holds near the beginning of the match but her cute opponent manages to escape and dominate. In 10 rounds of action filled with screaming submissions from Bella you'll see a leglock/surfboard combination, a snap mare, camel clutch, hammerlocks, a full nelson/body scissor combination, a test of strength to pin down, an arm bar, a figure four scissor to knockout, a standing bow and arrow, various leglock holds, and a crossed arm surfboard. And to make things even more humiliating, Bella must raise Tani's arm at the end of each round while calling out the score. The match ends with Bella Ink destroyed, defeated, humiliated, and forced to give an interview while Tani holds her head up in a trophy position. Don't miss this fun domination match!

Bella Ink Meets Tani - 01Click here for our video teaser!Bella Ink Meets Tani - 01Bella Ink Meets Tani - 02Bella Ink Meets Tani - 03Bella Ink Meets Tani - 04Bella Ink Meets Tani - 05Bella Ink Meets Tani - 06Bella Ink Meets Tani - 07Bella Ink Meets Tani - 08Bella Ink Meets Tani - 09Bella Ink Meets Tani - 10Bella Ink Meets Tani - 11Bella Ink Meets Tani - 12Bella Ink Meets Tani - 13Bella Ink Meets Tani - 14Bella Ink Meets Tani - 15Bella Ink Meets Tani - 16

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