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Becky Meets Becca

(Filmed 5/11/2016) Becky LeSabre, our newest wrestling fem, is seen sitting on the couch wearing her bikini and high heels when Becca walks in. Becca introduces herself and they shake hands, but when Becky stands up Becca is flabbergasted by how tall the new girl is! Standing 5'9" in bare feet, and 6' tall in heels, Becky TOWERS over little Becca who is only 5'2"! Becca gets instantly lost in cracking herself up with tall jokes and doesn’t notice Becky slipping off her heels. Becky suddenly smashes Becca in the head with one shoe, spinning her around and dazing her! The statuesque beauty then knocks the little blond out with a heel assisted double neck pinch. Becky decides to teach Becca a lesson and tosses her into the ring where she knocks Becca out again with a tight head scissors. Having fun with poor Becca, our newest wrestler grabs some boxing gloves and challenges the blond to a short boxing match. Becca tries to attack, but the taller girl keeps her punches out of reach by holding her at the end of her long arm. Becca wears herself out swinging wildly and is then ko'ed with a massive uppercut. Becky decides to go for a 10 count to commemorate her first FWR win but Becca wakes up and catches the surprised girl with her own knockout head scissors! Becca regains her senses and now it's HER turn to show Becky a little bit about FWR! A boxing glove speed bag facial with a knockout uppercut, a little blackjack knockout that has poor Becky hearing birdies, and a vice like reverse figure four head scissors seals the deal as Becky is initiated into the FWR style of wrestling …. Becca style! You'll love the silly knockouts, the rolling eyes, and of course …. our NEWEST fem, Becky LeSabre!!  

Becky Meets Becca - 01Click here for our video teaser!Becky Meets Becca - 01Becky Meets Becca - 02Becky Meets Becca - 03Becky Meets Becca - 04Becky Meets Becca - 05Becky Meets Becca - 06Becky Meets Becca - 07Becky Meets Becca - 08Becky Meets Becca - 09Becky Meets Becca - 10Becky Meets Becca - 11Becky Meets Becca - 12Becky Meets Becca - 13Becky Meets Becca - 14Becky Meets Becca - 15Becky Meets Becca - 16

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