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Becca's Story

This specialized custom request features the always beautiful Becca telling you a story about an encounter she had at the local gym. She was working on her punches with the punching bag when a guy pushed her aside and said “This is how you throw a punch, little girl” and then he punched the bag all wimpy-like. She laughs and continues to describe what happened while punching her own fist to demonstrate and accentuate the sound of her punches. Becca’s story continues as she describes how she punched the guy a couple HARD times in the gut and how he dropped to the floor while his friends laughed. But you don’t believe Becca so she decides to demonstrate to you how hard her punches are by hitting you in the arm several times then giving you a hard belly punch making you drop. She makes you kiss her fist a couple times then tells you what she’ll do to you if she sees you at the gym … while punching her hand to demonstrate what she’ll do to you! Another SEXY Becca video!!

Becca's Story - 01Click here for our video teaser!Becca's Story - 01Becca's Story - 02Becca's Story - 03Becca's Story - 04Becca's Story - 05Becca's Story - 06Becca's Story - 07Becca's Story - 08Becca's Story - 09Becca's Story - 10Becca's Story - 11Becca's Story - 12Becca's Story - 13Becca's Story - 14Becca's Story - 15Becca's Story - 16

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