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Becca's Revenge

In "Three Rounds with Becca" you beat the cute blond pretty badly. She's finally recovered and looking forward to getting even.  What follows is a three round match that goes back and forth with lots of hard punches and plenty of knockdowns. Becca starts the match with a flurry of punches that quickly drop you. But you beat the count and attack, sending her to the mat! She takes it well though and you both end up trading punches until the round ends. In round tow you takes the early lead, nearly destroying Becca with your jabs and hooks. She finds her inner strength and fights back as the round ends with her counting you out … but you're saved by the bell! Round two brings a total beat down to you! Your punches lack power and Becca shrugs them off. Then it's time to kiss the mat several times as Becca enjoys her total domination of you! In the end you're flat on your back with Becca's bare foot on your face as she counts you out. We know you'll enjoy fighting Becca again!

Becca's Revenge - 01Click here for our video teaser!Becca's Revenge - 01Becca's Revenge - 02Becca's Revenge - 03Becca's Revenge - 04Becca's Revenge - 05Becca's Revenge - 06Becca's Revenge - 07Becca's Revenge - 08Becca's Revenge - 09Becca's Revenge - 10Becca's Revenge - 11Becca's Revenge - 12Becca's Revenge - 13Becca's Revenge - 14Becca's Revenge - 15Becca's Revenge - 16Becca's Revenge - 17Becca's Revenge - 18Becca's Revenge - 19Becca's Revenge - 20

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