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Becca's in Charge

Becca, your younger sister, meets you in the gym to tell you that your parents are going out of town for a week and since you’ve been getting in trouble a lot they don’t think you’re mature enough to trust so they’ve put Becca in charge. You protest so your cute blond sister challenges you to a boxing match! You end up in the ring and you dominate the young girl with hard punches that weaken and stagger her all around the ring. When she finally collapses into the ropes you back off to let her rest but she suddenly smiles and laughs. She informs you that she’s been taking boxing lessons and your punches didn’t hurt her. Becca begins to destroy you with belly punches, a few speedbag facials, and plenty of hard face punches. Out of desperation you punch her below the belt and she SMASHES her glove into your crotch, dropping you. Angrily she tells you that she’s going to beat you AND humiliate you. In the end you’re flat on your back with a foot on your chest and Becca counting you out. Some sexy victory poses and humiliating trash talk ends this beautiful boxing match!

Becca's in Charge - 01Click here for our video teaser!Becca's in Charge - 01Becca's in Charge - 02Becca's in Charge - 03Becca's in Charge - 04Becca's in Charge - 05Becca's in Charge - 06Becca's in Charge - 07Becca's in Charge - 08Becca's in Charge - 09Becca's in Charge - 10Becca's in Charge - 11Becca's in Charge - 12Becca's in Charge - 13Becca's in Charge - 14Becca's in Charge - 15Becca's in Charge - 16

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