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Becca's Hardcore Challenge

Becca stands proudly in the center of the ring and declares that she’s the hardcore champ and no girl can beat her! As she challenges any girl to a hardcore match Mackenzi sneaks into the ring and kicks her between the legs! Becca stands stunned while Mackenzi repeats the kick! The blond drops in pain and the beating begins. Mackenzi dominates the stunned and shocked girl with more low blows then forces the first frantic submission from a screaming Becca! Becca’s is forced to submit several times before Mackenzi is satisfied but the match doesn’t end there. The girl in black forces tons more submissions from poor Becca with an Indian deathlock, more low blows in the corner, a crotch pull into the ring post, and a back breaking camel clutch. Mackenzi finally brings the crying girl to the edge of total submission with a LONG held Indian deathlock. This custom video fades out during the final hold then we rejoin Becca crying in the corner after the match. She sobs, and talks to herself about how broken she is and how her career is ended. We pan back and fade out as Becca sobs uncontrollably in the corner, all alone in the ring.

Becca's Hardcore Challenge - 01Click here for our video teaser!Becca's Hardcore Challenge - 01Becca's Hardcore Challenge - 02Becca's Hardcore Challenge - 03Becca's Hardcore Challenge - 04Becca's Hardcore Challenge - 05Becca's Hardcore Challenge - 06Becca's Hardcore Challenge - 07Becca's Hardcore Challenge - 08Becca's Hardcore Challenge - 09Becca's Hardcore Challenge - 10Becca's Hardcore Challenge - 11Becca's Hardcore Challenge - 12Becca's Hardcore Challenge - 13Becca's Hardcore Challenge - 14Becca's Hardcore Challenge - 15Becca's Hardcore Challenge - 16

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