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Becca's Big Loss

This custom video has a very simple premise … Rasha drags Becca into the ring by her hair and dominates her until she can’t stand the pain. The reason? Rasha wants Becca’s boyfriend and she intends to destroy the blond until Becca agrees to break up with him. Poor Becca is on her belly for the entire video as Rasha puts her in hammerlocks, leglocks, hair pulls, a Boston crab, a Camel clutch, a modified crippler crossface, and a double toed leglock/surfboard hold. Rasha adds more torture to her moves by clawing Becca’s thighs and butt while taunting her and teasing her. In the end Becca finally submits and gives up her boyfriend in what can only be described as “Becca’s Big Loss”. :)  

Becca's Big Loss - 01Click here for our video teaser!Becca's Big Loss - 01Becca's Big Loss - 02Becca's Big Loss - 03Becca's Big Loss - 04Becca's Big Loss - 05Becca's Big Loss - 06Becca's Big Loss - 07Becca's Big Loss - 08Becca's Big Loss - 09Becca's Big Loss - 10Becca's Big Loss - 11Becca's Big Loss - 12Becca's Big Loss - 13Becca's Big Loss - 14Becca's Big Loss - 15Becca's Big Loss - 16Becca's Big Loss - 17Becca's Big Loss - 18Becca's Big Loss - 19Becca's Big Loss - 20

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