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Becca Learns to Box

You are an accomplished tournament boxer that trains young rookies to make some extra cash on the side. Becca has decided she wants to learn how to box so she hires you. The spunky blond lets you demonstrate some punches on her and invited you to use full strength. When she gives you a few jabs she suddenly unleashes her full power and you find yourself on the mat! More punch styles follow with the same effect while Becca laughs and mocks you for being weak! You get frustrated and finally challenge her to a real match which she happily accepts. Needless to say, you don’t last long as this blond beauty destroys you. The video ends with both of you outside the ring. Becca is talking to her friend on the cell phone while punching you out with her bare fists! Enjoy!

Becca Learns to Box - 01Click here for our video teaser!Becca Learns to Box - 01Becca Learns to Box - 02Becca Learns to Box - 03Becca Learns to Box - 04Becca Learns to Box - 05Becca Learns to Box - 06Becca Learns to Box - 07Becca Learns to Box - 08Becca Learns to Box - 09Becca Learns to Box - 10Becca Learns to Box - 11Becca Learns to Box - 12Becca Learns to Box - 13Becca Learns to Box - 14Becca Learns to Box - 15Becca Learns to Box - 16Becca Learns to Box - 17Becca Learns to Box - 18Becca Learns to Box - 19Becca Learns to Box - 20

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