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Becca Boxes Becky: Part One

It's been awhile since we've had our beautiful boxers grace the FWR ring so we set up a match between the lovely blond beauty Becca and the tall brunette beauty Becky.

The girls made their way to the ring and took their corners. Both boxers looked confident and ready for a good fight as they stood opposite each other.

The rules were simple … the girls would box until one of them is knocked out. And, as in most of our matches here at Fem Wrestling Rooms, that was the only rule. Basically, it would be an anything goes battle fought with boxing gloves.

The bell rang and the girls met in the center of the ring with their boxing gloves at the ready!

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They circled a bit, checking each other out. Becca knew that Becky had a longer reach so she came in close and struck the first blow with a nice jab to Becky's mouth.

The long haired brunette's head snapped back and she took a second to recover. She was a tough cookie though and shook it off to continue circling her opponent.

Suddenly, Becky's pink boxing glove shot out and smacked the blond in the mouth, stunning her! Becky didn't give Becca a chance to recover though, and plowed her in the chin with an uppercut.

The surprised Becca fell quickly to her butt in shock! She rubbed her chin and took a full 9 count to get back to her feet while Becky stood patiently in her corner.

It was obvious that the blond was still a bit shaky on her feet as she turned to meet her opponent again. But our young blond is tough and squared off again with her taller foe.

The girls circled again. They each had felt the sting of the boxing glove on their face so there was a little more cautiousness as they continued the fight.

Becca knew that although Becky stunned her, she had more boxing experience. So she was patient and waited for her opponent to make the next move. When Becky threw a left hook, Becca quickly ducked and quickly smashed the brunette in the face with a right!

The poor beauty was stunned and she left herself completely open to a hard uppercut from Becca! The force of the blow snapped Becky's head back and down she went!