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Beating a Sexy Coed

This custom video features Becca entering the studio for what she thinks is going to be a “sexy coed” match against Madison. She dresses herself in tiny bootie shorts, barefeet, and a skin tight coed t-shirt but is surprised to find Madison in the ring dressed in jeans, boots, and a top. As she protests, Renee and the boss of FWR come in behind her to prevent her escape. It seems that Becca has been getting too cocky lately so the team has decided to put her in her place by beating the stuffing out of her! They stomp, kick, and low blow poor Becca outside the ring then toss her into the ring for triple team destructions that feature plenty of claw holds, back bending stretch holds, leg locks, leg splits, and some toe torture. The action is fast and furious and in the end poor Becca is left curled up on the mat sobbing and destroyed. Enjoy!

Beating a Sexy Coed - 01Click here for our video teaser!Beating a Sexy Coed - 01Beating a Sexy Coed - 02Beating a Sexy Coed - 03Beating a Sexy Coed - 04Beating a Sexy Coed - 05Beating a Sexy Coed - 06Beating a Sexy Coed - 07Beating a Sexy Coed - 08Beating a Sexy Coed - 09Beating a Sexy Coed - 10Beating a Sexy Coed - 11Beating a Sexy Coed - 12Beating a Sexy Coed - 13Beating a Sexy Coed - 14Beating a Sexy Coed - 15Beating a Sexy Coed - 16

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