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Beaten by Becky LeSabre

(Filmed 5/9/2016) This point of view fight opens with the lovely Becky LeSabre telling her adoring fans about her first mixed fight for FWR. It's a knockouts only match with the winner receiving a $20,000 cash prize! You finally enter and start out strong against the tall beauty, trading punches back and forth. But when you start to gain the advantage, Becky kicks you HARD between the legs bringing the advantage to her side! She punches you, kicks you, smashes you with low blows, and bounces your head off several hard surfaces in the fight room. She finally knocks you out with some mounted punches and takes her victory pose while calling her camera man over to brag about her easy win. As she lets her hair down she's informed that the win isn't official until she checks your arm 3 times. Becky sarcastically kneels down and checks your arm but when she lets it drop for the third time you suddenly come to life and punch her square in the jaw! You jump up and stage a comeback with a flurry of punches until the long haired beauty manages to catch one your fist with her hand and SMASH you between the legs again! After a brief but vicious beating, Becky slaps a tight reverse head scissors on you to finally knock you out for good. And adding insult to injury, the tall girl puts on a pair of high heels to give you one final kick to the face! She ends the match by taking her prize money and leaving you a single one dollar bill with "Becky kicked my ass" and "Stay down bitch" written on it!

Beaten by Becky LeSabre - 01Click here for our video teaser!Beaten by Becky LeSabre - 01Beaten by Becky LeSabre - 02Beaten by Becky LeSabre - 03Beaten by Becky LeSabre - 04Beaten by Becky LeSabre - 05Beaten by Becky LeSabre - 06Beaten by Becky LeSabre - 07Beaten by Becky LeSabre - 08Beaten by Becky LeSabre - 09Beaten by Becky LeSabre - 10Beaten by Becky LeSabre - 11Beaten by Becky LeSabre - 12Beaten by Becky LeSabre - 13Beaten by Becky LeSabre - 14Beaten by Becky LeSabre - 15Beaten by Becky LeSabre - 16

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