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Beaten by Becca

(Filmed 7/20/2015) You're about to face off against Becca in a pins, submissions, or knockouts mixed wrestling match with a 20 minute time limit. As you're getting ready in the dressing room Becca enters and wishes you good luck. She's very sweet as she extends her hand for a shake then SLAMS her knee between your legs!! Suddenly, sweet Becca turns into sadistic Becca and you end up getting totally destroyed in the dressing room. The blond drags you out to the ring, beats on you some more next to it, then when you're completely helpless tosses you in the ring. You lie there watching this beautiful creature stretching and displaying her cute body then the bell rings to start the actual match! Well, needless to say, you're already defeated so Becca handcuffs you to the ropes and beats on you with punches and kicks. When she grows tired of that she releases you and puts you in several head scissors. She plays a little game with you and promises that if you can stay in the scissors without tapping out for a certain amount of time she'll be nicer to you. But she doesn't really mean it and ends up knocking you out, taking the victory, and tossing you out of the ring. She's still not quite done though and as you watch from the floor, the beauty puts on her black leggings and high heels to do her final victory poses over you. Don't miss this amazing match with Becca!

Beaten by Becca - 01Click here for our video teaser!Beaten by Becca - 01Beaten by Becca - 02Beaten by Becca - 03Beaten by Becca - 04Beaten by Becca - 05Beaten by Becca - 06Beaten by Becca - 07Beaten by Becca - 08Beaten by Becca - 09Beaten by Becca - 10Beaten by Becca - 11Beaten by Becca - 12Beaten by Becca - 13Beaten by Becca - 14Beaten by Becca - 15Beaten by Becca - 16Beaten by Becca - 17Beaten by Becca - 18Beaten by Becca - 19Beaten by Becca - 20

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