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Battle for the Title: Part Two

With a little over 25 minutes still to go in this championship fight, LeAnn was proud of her ability to avoid Becca’s powerful test of strength and knock her out with her scissor hold.  Becca, on the other hand, was pissed!  This was supposed to be a straight wrestling match and she felt that LeAnn’s dirty low blow was unfair.

When they began the next round, Becca went at LeAnn immediately and grabbed her by the arm, spinning her around. 

Twisting her arm up into the middle of her back, Becca pulled her head back by the hair and whispered in her ear, “I don’t like dirty fighters, honey.  You crossed the line and now you’re gonna pay!  It’s time for a little lesson in true wrestling …. and you’re gonna be the student!”

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Snaking her arm under LeAnn’s chin, Becca placed her into a tight sleeperhold.  The brunette tried to fight out of it, pulling and grabbing at Becca’s arms, but it was useless. “This is called a Sleeper Hold, Sweetie.” 

Her body began to tingle, her eyes went glassy, and she slowly lost consciousness in Becca’s grasp. 

Becca laid her down, stood up, and put her foot on LeAnn's chest in a victory pose.


Instead of allowing LeAnn a chance to recover, Becca suddenly stomped the girl in the stomach, waking her up violently! 

LeAnn coughed and opened her eyes as the pain brought her around.  Her opponent grabbed her by the hair and yanked her harshly up to her knees then moved behind her and grabbed her two arms.

Pulling back, the blond applied a nasty surfboard on Leann, bringing a cry of pain from the little beauty. “How does this feel?  Not too nice, I bet!” Becca taunted her. 

After a bit of harsh pulling, Becca forced the weakened girl onto her stomach and sat on her back.  She draped the girl’s arms over her knees and reached under her chin.  “This is called a camel clutch, dearie. Hurts like hell, doesn’t it?” she taunted.

“I think it’s time to put you out again.” Becca said as she grabbed LeAnn's wrists and wrapped them around her own neck. She pulled back HARD while LeAnn gasped in pain, getting choked out by her own arms!

LeAnn's body went slack in Becca’s hold.  Her eyes slowly closed and she went out. Becca sat sideways on the unconscious girl and did several victory poses for the camera.