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Battle for the Title: Part Three

There were still 10 minutes left in the match and although it was pretty evident that Becca had the upper hand and could simply win the match she continued her domination of LeAnn. A few slaps on the cheek brought the brunette beauty back to life.

Looking into LeAnn's eyes, the blond said “Now it’s time to show you where my real strength lies… my legs!”

Becca shifted her position to the front of the face down LeAnn and put the groggy girl's head in between her thighs.  “Guys would die to be held between my legs like this!  But I imagine you’re not feeling the same way.” she laughed.

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Poor LeAnn was being humiliated beyond belief, her face and neck stuffed in Becca's beautiful legs.  She pulled at the meaty thighs to relieve the pressure but it was useless.  Her body ached horribly from the beating she had been receiving.

Just as LeAnn began to lose consciousness Becca loosened her legs and rolled her opponent onto her back.  “This is my reverse head scissors.  It gives you a nice view, but of course it hurts like hell when I squeeze!” the blond announced with a grin. 

Once again LeAnn struggled weakly to escape and as she neared the knock out Becca released her and slid beside her.  “How about a nice side head scissors, cupcake!” the blond cutie said, as she slid her legs around the brunette’s neck. 

LeAnn gagged and tried to breath from the pressure of the crushing legs but it was useless.  She once again fell close to going out when she was yet again released.  Becca kneeled beside her and gave her a kiss on the forehead.  “It’s time to end this little fight, sweetheart.  You look like you need to take a nap, and I’m ready to become the champion of Fem Wrestling Rooms!”

She sat on LeAnn's chest and stretched out her long legs.  Lifting the weak girl's head, she positioned it high in her thighs and locked her ankles.  The squeeze came slowly. 

LeAnn was so groggy that all she could do was wait for the inevitable.  She actually longed for the final knock out, knowing that with it would come a much needed rest!  She no longer cared to be the champion, she just wanted the beating to be done.

Becca grinned as she applied more and more pressure, watching LeAnn’s eyes slowly roll back into her head.  She reached down and lifted the unconscious girl’s hand into the air and let it fall to the floor.  Two more of these proved that LeAnn was completely out of it and as the time limit ran out Becca was named the first champion of Fem Wrestling Rooms!!

She stood up, placed her foot on LeAnn's face, and struck her sexy victory pose. Then, to add a little extra humiliation to her defeated opponent, Becca did a school girl pin for the final victory pose! 


As the blond left the ring she looked back at the sleeping beauty and said "Maybe there will be a rematch. But I doubt you'd ever win against me!"

Becca left the studio and let the peaceful and sexy LeAnn sleep it off.