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Battle for Becca's Belt

(Filmed 12/6/2016) You meet Becca for a special match where you fight for her belt. You have to knock her down for a 3 count to win the match. At the sound of the bell a hard kick to your jaw puts you in the corner where Becca proceeds to destroy you with belly punches, but she soon feels sorry for you and lets you have a free punch. Big mistake! Your uppercut sends her flipping backward in the ring to end up face down! You don’t want to win that easily though so you grab Becca by the hair, pull her to her feet and toss her in a corner where you go to town on her belly with your strong punches. You toss her into the ropes and smash her with another uppercut that drops her. Becca fights through the pain and gets to her feet before the 3 count then gets you in a corner for a hand stand head scissors. You drop when she releases it but manage to rise before she counts to 3 and attack with more power than before! Tons of hard belly and face punches has the poor blond staggered and in the end she stumbles out of a corner into your uppercut that she’s unable to rise from. You force poor Becca to stand and give you her championship belt then leave the ring … watching the beauty stagger and sway from exhaustion before finally falling unconscious!

Battle for Becca's Belt - 01Click here for our video teaser!Battle for Becca's Belt - 01Battle for Becca's Belt - 02Battle for Becca's Belt - 03Battle for Becca's Belt - 04Battle for Becca's Belt - 05Battle for Becca's Belt - 06Battle for Becca's Belt - 07Battle for Becca's Belt - 08Battle for Becca's Belt - 09Battle for Becca's Belt - 10Battle for Becca's Belt - 11Battle for Becca's Belt - 12Battle for Becca's Belt - 13Battle for Becca's Belt - 14Battle for Becca's Belt - 15Battle for Becca's Belt - 16

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