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Apartment KO Match

We fade in on Becca and Lo sitting on the couch discussing a previous match they had. A cocky Lo defends her win but Becca argues that Lo cheated. They stand and face off with Becca deciding on a knockouts match. Thy battle begins and Becca quickly finds herself caught in a sleeper hold! Lo brings Becca to the floor, adds a body scissor and easily knocks Becca out. But that’s the last time Becca will be taken down and proceeds to knock Lo out with a sleeper / scissors hold, a bearhug, another sleeper / scissors combo on the couch, an extremely tight full nelson, and a final sleeper hold. After each of Lo’s knockouts, Becca removes a sock and counts Lo out using her toes. The focus is on the feet in this custom video and along with the trash talk and long held ko’s, you’ll definitely love seeing Becca dominate poor Lo!

Apartment KO Match - 01Click here for our video teaser!Apartment KO Match - 01Apartment KO Match - 02Apartment KO Match - 03Apartment KO Match - 04Apartment KO Match - 05Apartment KO Match - 06Apartment KO Match - 07Apartment KO Match - 08Apartment KO Match - 09Apartment KO Match - 10Apartment KO Match - 11Apartment KO Match - 12Apartment KO Match - 13Apartment KO Match - 14Apartment KO Match - 15Apartment KO Match - 16Apartment KO Match - 17Apartment KO Match - 18Apartment KO Match - 19Apartment KO Match - 20Apartment KO Match - 21Apartment KO Match - 22Apartment KO Match - 23Apartment KO Match - 24

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