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Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan

We join Kat and your humble FWR producer (he’s single girls!!) in the ring having a photo shoot featuring Kat and her newly won Golden Blackjack. She defeated BOTH Peyton and Becca to win the coveted award. The visiting Ryan enters, doubting the fact that Kat could actually defeat two of the toughest girls at FWR. She challenges Kat and our match begins. Ryan easily overpowers Kat in the early stages of the match with punches and kicks to the belly, a hammerlock, turnbuckle head smashes, and a knee drop to the crotch. An uppercut sends Kat into the corner where Ryan taunts her before loading up to knock her out with a power punch. But Kat sees the opening and pops her rival in the face with a punch then jabs the visiting girl backwards across the ring! The rest of the match is all Kat as the reigning award winner puts the hurt on Ryan with scissor holds, a fireman’s carry with airplane spin, and a few hard smacks with the black jack to bring the birdies and cuckoos into sweet Ryan’s head! In the end, Kat pins her opponent then kicks Ryan out of the ring. Enjoy!

Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan - 01Click here for our video teaser!Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan - 01Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan - 02Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan - 03Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan - 04Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan - 05Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan - 06Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan - 07Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan - 08Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan - 09Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan - 10Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan - 11Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan - 12Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan - 13Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan - 14Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan - 15Anything Goes: Kat vs Ryan - 16

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