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Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv

During her recent visit to FWR, Liv was invited to wrestle in the 2018 Rookie Championship challenge. Unfortunately for her, the only wrestler available was Kat who wasn’t very happy to be included in a rookie contest! When the bell rang Liv took the advantage by kicking Kat below the belt, smashing her knees into Kat’s chin, and putting her in a tight headlock. But Kat wasn’t about to be dominated by the visiting rookie and quickly turned the tables on Liv. Liv suddenly found herself being slapped, punched, low blowed, scissored, put into a surfboard and a camel clutch, and clotheslined to the mat. Kat, who recently received her massage license, tricked Liv by giving her a nice back and shoulder massage. Just when Liv started to relax and enjoy herself Kat YANKED her arms behind her in a double hammerlock bringing screams of pain from the poor girl! In the end, Liv is knocked out and pinned by Kat. But don’t worry, we plan to see more of this lovely rookie soon!

Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv - 01Click here for our video teaser!Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv - 01Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv - 02Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv - 03Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv - 04Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv - 05Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv - 06Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv - 07Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv - 08Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv - 09Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv - 10Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv - 11Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv - 12Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv - 13Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv - 14Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv - 15Anything Goes: Kat vs Liv - 16

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