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Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy

Kat, sick of hearing about Daisy’s “Daisy-Cutter” knockout move, is looking forward to finally meeting the tall beauty in the Anything goes arena. Daisy and Kat square off at the sound of the bell and Kat quickly takes control with a hammerlock, full nelson, ab stretch, atomic drop, 2 snap mares, and an airplane spin. But when the cutie in red tries to whip Daisy into the far corner the move is reversed and Kat finds herself flying into the turnbuckles! But Daisy forgot that Kat has more experience than her and soon finds herself being pulled into the ring post in a very unlady-like fashion! Kat continues her domination with face slaps, punches, and a speedbag facial followed by a standing head scissor and a camel clutch. You’d think Daisy would be done at this point but NO! She fights back, punching Kat hard in the belly then snap mares HER to the mat to work her over with a short breast smother and several neck crushing scissor holds! The weakened Kat finally experiences the “Daisy-Cutter” and this match is over! Sweet daisy plants her foot on Kat and enjoys her victory poses! Enjoy!

Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy - 01Click here for our video teaser!Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy - 01Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy - 02Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy - 03Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy - 04Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy - 05Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy - 06Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy - 07Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy - 08Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy - 09Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy - 10Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy - 11Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy - 12Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy - 13Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy - 14Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy - 15Anything Goes: Kat vs Daisy - 16

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