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Anything Goes: Charlie vs Ericka

(Filmed 11/4/2016)  We join the cute little Charlie in the dressing room to explain what an anything goes match is all about. When she finds out that she can hit her opponent, the visiting Ericka, with a blackjack the young wrestler gets really excited! Cut to the ring where the experienced Ericka is warming up. Charlie soon joins her and the bell rings. It's obvious from the start that Ericka is way too much for sweet little Charlie to handle as the new rookie is subjected to a hammerlock, double arm choke, surfboard, boston crab, camel clutch, head scissor holds, and head locks. Charlie gets increasingly weaker, staggering around the ring in a daze then gets put spread eagled in the corner for Ericka to slap her and plant some low blows on her! As Ericka turns her back to the girl to discuss her victory to the camera man Charlie wakes up enough to grab the black jack and smash it into Ericka's crotch several times! A stunned Ericka drops to her knees and is met with several knee lifts to her chin by Charlie and dropped by a well placed uppercut punch to the jaw! Charlie takes the win with a final mounted face punch that has poor Ericka hearing birdies! Charlie enjoys counting Ericka out with a seated matchbook pin then leaves the ring. But as she's leaving, Ericka stirs and sits up. From outside the ring, Charlie picks up the blackjack, tosses it over her shoulder to fly into the ring and smash Ericka on the head … knocking her out once again! You'll love this new installment of our "Anything Goes" series!

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