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Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo

We join Becca in the FWR ring along with her favorite weapon, the frying pan. She’s excited to wrestle someone new and isn’t disappointed when Lo enters the ring … with a hidden blackjack that she promptly uses to smack Becca on the head! Her eyes cross and she falls, dazed enough to allow Lo to wrap her up in a tight reverse head scissors! Becca actually gets knocked out but manages to wake up before she’s counted out. Lo tries to attack again but is met with a stiff leg kick between her legs! She freezes in place and Becca takes over with slaps, cartwheel elbow smashes, a corner head scissor, a bronco buster, face punches, a speedbag facial, a stunner, and some knees to the chin that put the tall beauty butt-up on the mat. Becca continues with a surfboard, camel clutch, Boston crab, airplane spin, and finally holds her frying pan up, knowing that the inevitable dizzy face plant into the metal pan will happen! Lo goes cock-eyed and drops like a ton of bricks. Becca plays with her barely conscious body by doing forward rolls over Lo, a fun “steam-roller”, and a handstand body splash. Becca finally finishes off Lo with a mounted jab to the face that causes the girl to see stars and hear cuckoos! Becca takes her split pin position and decides to count Lo out in “Canadian English”. A few sexy victory poses bring this match to an end and we all hope that these two meet in the FWR ring again very soon!  

Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 01Click here for our video teaser!Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 01Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 02Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 03Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 04Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 05Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 06Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 07Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 08Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 09Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 10Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 11Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 12Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 13Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 14Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 15Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 16Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 17Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 18Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 19Anything Goes: Becca vs Lo - 20

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