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Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy

You're a bad guy who has uncovered the secret lair of two dangerous female agents. You sneak in, hide in a closet, and eavesdrop on them as they enter the room. The tougher looking blond (Serena) leaves her smaller friend (Ivy) alone to go change. You quickly attack the young agent and spray her with gas. As she's beginning to get loopy you give her a nerve pinch, knocking her out. Just to make sure she's sleeping you place a chloroform soaked cloth over her mouth. Suddenly, her friend enters the room and you both trade punches until she's knocked out next to her friend. Setting your sights on the tougher blond, you waken her and hypnotize her. You order her to take Ivy into the dojo room and dispose of her.

What follows is an epic one-sided boxing match as Serena destroys the smaller girl, pounding her all around the room ... never saying a word because of her hypnotic spell! The gloves finally come off and Serena takes Ivy to the mat with some great wrestling maneuvers, finally knocking her out and coming to you for your final command.

We won't divulge the ending, but there's a little cameo of our star producer (me).  :)

** We want to thank Sleeperkids World for the use of their beauties and wrestling facilities.

Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy - 01Click here for our video teaser!Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy - 01Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy - 02Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy - 03Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy - 04Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy - 05Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy - 06Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy - 07Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy - 08Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy - 09Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy - 10Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy - 11Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy - 12Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy - 13Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy - 14Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy - 15Agents SerenaSKW and Ivy - 16

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