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Agent Mia's Objective

We join Agent Mia reading a message from Intel … “Your target is a dangerous criminal named Ziva. She loves preying on the weak and many people have been terrorized because of her. She needs to be stopped.” The note goes on tell Mia how to lure Ziva into her capture. This custom video is a campy look at good vs evil with a focus on body splashes and face punches. As the action continues the beautiful women get increasingly exhausted as they attempt sleeper holds and nerve pinches that don’t quite finish them off. The custom also calls for the girls to end up laying flat on their backs, arms outstretched above their heads and feet/legs together, sleeping soundly. There’s no real winner here … except YOU for having the enjoyment of seeing this fun and rather unusual custom video!

Agent Mia's Objective - 01Click here for our video teaser!Agent Mia's Objective - 01Agent Mia's Objective - 02Agent Mia's Objective - 03Agent Mia's Objective - 04Agent Mia's Objective - 05Agent Mia's Objective - 06Agent Mia's Objective - 07Agent Mia's Objective - 08Agent Mia's Objective - 09Agent Mia's Objective - 10Agent Mia's Objective - 11Agent Mia's Objective - 12Agent Mia's Objective - 13Agent Mia's Objective - 14Agent Mia's Objective - 15Agent Mia's Objective - 16

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