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2008 WWC: Two Short Matches

If you think that the fems of Fem Wrestling Rooms are simply fantasy wrestling "models" then you are seriously mistaken!  During the recent WWC convention they participated in several matches - out numbering even the biggest names in the field of women's wrestling!  What they lacked in ability, they MORE than made up for in spirit! This video contains two matches featuring Mindy vs Kelsi and Maryann vs Jackson (from Sleeperkids World).

Mindy, our tall and leggy beauty, takes on Kelsi in a match that is an amazing display of young wrestling talent. If you are a fan of schoolgirl pins and body scissors then this video is for you!  Unfortunately, about 5 minutes into the match Mindy suffered an asthma attack and the match was called off.

Maryann, who had been in and out of the ring several times during the convention, takes on the lovely Jackson from Sleeperkids World.  Within the first minutes of this match Maryann suffered a bloody nose (not visible in the video) that forced her to concede the match.  Jackson literally squeezed her so hard in a body scissors and headlock that poor Maryann tapped out quickly then realized her nose was bleeding!

This may be a short video but it's definitely something to see!

*Our vintage videos were filmed at a lower quality during the early years of FWR and are now being offered at a discount.

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