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Squeezed & Bent

Two female wrestlers enter the wrestling ring and take their corners. Lisa, the smaller of the two, seems a little nervous because her opponent, the confidant Madison, is obviously more experienced. The rules are given and the bell rings. The winner will be the first to gain seven submissions and Madison wastes no time in attacking her rival. Lisa is flipped and tossed around the ring and squeezed by Madison’s strong thighs. But the young blond makes a stunning reversal and suddenly Madison finds herself screaming out submission after submission from painful back bending Boston crabs! In the end Madison makes Lisa angry and is placed in a tight camel clutch where Lisa fish hooks her mouth then knocks her out with a sleeper hold! You’ll love this fast paced wrestling match!

Squeezed & Bent - 01Click here for our video teaser!Squeezed & Bent - 01Squeezed & Bent - 02Squeezed & Bent - 03Squeezed & Bent - 04Squeezed & Bent - 05Squeezed & Bent - 06Squeezed & Bent - 07Squeezed & Bent - 08Squeezed & Bent - 09Squeezed & Bent - 10Squeezed & Bent - 11Squeezed & Bent - 12Squeezed & Bent - 13Squeezed & Bent - 14Squeezed & Bent - 15Squeezed & Bent - 16Squeezed & Bent - 17Squeezed & Bent - 18Squeezed & Bent - 19Squeezed & Bent - 20

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