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Private Wrestling

Two women, dressed in robes, walk quietly through the yard. Their expressions show that they aren't planning on an enjoyable tanning session in the warm mid-day sun.

They both seem to be deep in thought, perhaps preparing their minds for something very important. You see that they're heading for a small building and wonder what they're doing.

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When they reach the building and open the door, the two women drop their robes to reveal their athletic bodies covered only by small bikinis. Peeking in the building, you can see blue mats on the floor.

Without saying a word, they enter the room and immediately turn to each other, taking a wrestling stance! Yes, your fantasy is about to come true ... two beautiful women in a closed matted area, battling it out to see who is the strongest.

You see that there's something special about the close confines of the small mat covered room. The girls are body to body, skin to skin, each looking for an extended limb or body part to twist or choke! They go back and forth, each managing to cause discomfort to the other.

After grappling hard for nearly thirty minutes, one woman gets caught in a hold from which she can't escape. A pair of muscular arms clamp tight on the brunette's neck as she's bent backward. Unable to turn or power out, the girl soon succumbs to the pressure hold!

In wrestling, there can be only one winner and one loser. The brunette is the loser this day, laying unconscious on the mat as her blond opponent savors her victory. This private wrestling match was hard fought by both women and, at times, could have gone either way. But the beautiful blond fought harder and now enjoys her success over the equally beautiful brunette.