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Grounded by Goldie

Goldie is furious at her son (played by you) for his treatment of his little sister in their last boxing match. She tells him he's grounded and he's not to go out and play with his friends, no computer or tv, and he is to head downstairs to the ring for his punishment. The scene changes to inside the ring as you wait nervously for your mother to enter. Suddenly the curtain is thrown open as Goldie Blair wearing a robe strides into the ring. She opens the robe to reveal her sexy body in a tiny bikini and boots. Goldie, being fair, tells him that he can lift the grounding if he beats her in a boxing match. She asks her "Little boy," if he's ready, and then steps forward confidently. She destroys you with her powerful punches while blocking and dodging all your attempts to hit her.  The match ends with your mother giving you a kiss goodnight with her boxing glove, knocking you out in the corner. If you enjoy the “mother/son” aspect of fighting then this video is for you! If you enjoy getting beaten by Goldie Blair in ANY role then this video is also for you! 

Grounded by Goldie - 01Click here for our video teaser!Grounded by Goldie - 01Grounded by Goldie - 02Grounded by Goldie - 03Grounded by Goldie - 04Grounded by Goldie - 05Grounded by Goldie - 06Grounded by Goldie - 07Grounded by Goldie - 08Grounded by Goldie - 09Grounded by Goldie - 10Grounded by Goldie - 11Grounded by Goldie - 12Grounded by Goldie - 13Grounded by Goldie - 14Grounded by Goldie - 15Grounded by Goldie - 16

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