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Charlie's Boxing Experience: Part Two

The punch came out of nowhere! It snapped my head back and stunned me for a second! Just as I was getting my vision back another boxing glove smashed into my face!

The punches kept coming! I felt like a punching bag … completely helpless as my arms hung over the ropes of the boxing ring!

This boxing chick was pounding the crap out of me!!

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This was horrible! Her boxing gloves kept swinging at me and my face was getting numb from the sting of the leather! There really wasn't any way for me to fall because my arms hung over the ropes.

I found myself getting weaker and weaker, dizzier and dizzier from those black boxing gloves! 

The girl began throwing straight punches right into my face! Each one snapped my head back over the ropes and they HURT LIKE HELL!!!

Her hits got harder and harder and I got weaker and weaker. The only thing going through my mind was that I hoped I'd live through this!

My face was on fire and I couldn't see straight. Each time I would snap back to look at her after a punch another punch would snap my head back over the ropes!

Then, when I thought I was simply going to go unconscious, I felt her gloves tenderly touch the sides of my face. I looked up into the girl's eyes … hoping that she was going to be kind and let me leave this horrible experience.

But no. She guided me out to the center of the ring and pulled me into her arms to keep me from falling down.

I was so week and groggy that I just hung on her. And then the worst part began!

I felt the hard smash of her boxing glove in my bare tummy!

It lifted me off my feet and forced the air from my lungs. I couldn't fall because the girl kept my arms over her shoulders.

Punch after punch SMASHED into my gut! It hurt like hell and I began to have a hard time catching my breath!

I can't even express the feelings that were going through my mind and my body. It was just a blur. Pain, gasping for air, more pain, more gasping for air.

Just as I thought I was going to black out I felt those boxing gloves being gently placed on my cheeks.

The tough girl made me look her deep in the eyes. I could see her serious gaze and knew that the end was about to happen. I felt so helpless as I gazed into her eyes. I think she wanted this in some sort of sadistic way. Make the little girl her complete plaything. Beat her so much that she's willing to be destroyed.

Yes, the tough girl had prepared me just the way she wanted. I could barely stand, my little legs were like rubber and my arms hung uselessly as the girl steadied me in the center of the ring.

I guess I knew it was coming. I guess I was a little glad! I knew it would hurt like hell when she hit me that final time but I kind of welcomed it. There was no way out of this. I NEEDED TO BE KNOCKED OUT!

It came quickly. I honestly don't even remember the punch. All I remember was hanging there helplessly with her left boxing glove on my chin and watching her pull back her right glove.

I remember hearing a "THUD!" sound and feeling my body hit the mat but that's all.

Oh, wait! I do remember one thing! While I was totally unconscious I could hear … it seemed like way far in the distance … the girl saying to me, "Thanks for being my punching bag!"

When I woke up I was sprawled out in the ring. As I slowly regained my senses I felt cold and realized that I was laying there in a tiny bikini!

My head and body ached but I was alive!

I managed to stumble out of the ring and into the dressing room to get the stupid bikini off me. And as I changed I vowed to train, to get tough, to never let this happen to me again.

And to get even with the chick who beat me up in my first boxing experience!!