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Charlie's Boxing Experience: Part One

Hi, I'm Charlie and I want to share an experience I had recently that part of me just wants to forget about. It all started when I received a face book message from some girl that I didn't know. She said that she saw me at a club and asked around until she found my name, then found my face book page. She seemed nice enough and asked if I'd ever boxed another girl. She had always wanted to try it and said she was about my size and weight. I checked her profile and the photo was of a small girl like me, blond hair and rather cute. She continued in her message to tell me that she wasn't very good at boxing but it was kind of a fantasy of hers to try it out! Well, I've never boxed before either but the thought of doing it kind of intrigued me so I responded and we discussed it some more. Maybe I'm nuts but before I knew it I was at an address that she provided me, looking through a closet of bikinis!

This whole thing just seemed strange to me as I got dressed, picked out a cute pair of pink boxing gloves and climbing into a boxing ring!

That's when things went wrong! A tough looking blond entered through a curtain dressed in real boxing stuff! I was stunned as she entered the ring. This wasn't the girl I saw on face book!

I honestly didn't know what to do! I felt nearly naked in the stupid bikini as the tough chick motioned for me to come toward her!

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I hesitated but didn't really know what to do so I kind of put my gloves up and came out to the center.

I guess I could have run away but we were the only two people in this place and she would have easily caught me. And I honestly didn't want to make this tough girl mad at me!

Suddenly she stopped, put her gloves behind her back and stuck out her chin saying "C'mon sweetie, I'll give you a free shot."

I was surprised but immediately thought that if I could end this with one punch then I could DEFINITELY run away! So I pulled my boxing glove back and swung my hardest punch at her face.

Big mistake! She simply pulled back at the last second and my glove went speeding past her face! And before I knew it I was knocked to the mat after feeling her glove smack me on the nose!!

I got back up right away, feeling a mixture of shock and surprise! Her punch didn't smash my nose, it was more like a stinging sensation that caught me off guard.

But even if I wasn't gushing blood from my nose, I knew that this wasn't going to go well! The girl was playing with me and I didn't have any boxing skills to avoid her!

When I got to my feet the long haired girl looked me directly in the eyes with a little smirk on her face. Then her boxing gloves started snapping out at my face!

Like before, the punches weren't really hard, just fast. I tried to punch back but whenever I pulled my glove back I got smacked in the face!

She giggled a little as she toyed with me, even going as far as popping me in the forehead a couple times.

I know it sounds weird that this match was even happening. Like I said before, I could have run away but I guess I was either too stubborn or too stupid to do that. Since the bigger girl wasn't really hurting me too much I had some faint hope that I could catch her with a punch that would end this.

But that never happened. My neck began getting sore from having my head snapped back so many times. And I could have sworn that her punches were getting a little harder with each punch.

When I found myself forced back into a corner of the ring by her punches she stepped back to let me catch my breath. All I could do was stare up at her, feeling tiny and vulnerable against the pads and ropes.

She suddenly stepped forward and began to throw punches into my body!

Lefts and rights smacked into my bare belly so quickly that I could barely catch my breath! She said nothing to me as she punched me and all I could hear was the "thud, thud, thud" of her boxing gloves against my belly and ribs.

I've never been beaten like this and nearly began to cry but she was obviously still playing with me. She would throw rapid punches then stop for a second just as I was starting to have trouble breathing. And when I'd catch my breath she would continue punching my belly!

It seemed like the body punching session went on forever and I was relieved when she finally stopped and pulled me out of the corner.

But when she hung me over the ropes and put her boxing gloves back up I knew that the worst was yet to come!