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Caught On Camera

Tara, dressed in her Jui-Jitsu Gi, is seen practicing her moves and strikes for an upcoming fight. She retires to the house and, while talking to a friend on the phone, notices a female form on her security camera. She lays in wait until the girl opens the door to enter the house. BAM! One hard punch has the young intruder out cold. Tara carries her out to the practice ring and proceeds to use her as a practice dummy! She knocks the girl out, places her in another hold, wakens her, then knocks her out again! Tara then decides to use the intruder to practice her boxing moves and changes into a cute pink boxing outfit. She then strips the girl down to her sexy under garments and punches the crap outta her for awhile! Finally, Tara goes and changes into her pro wrestling gear and makes the scared young girl wrestle with her!

Caught On Camera - 01Click here for our video teaser!Caught On Camera - 01Caught On Camera - 02Caught On Camera - 03Caught On Camera - 04Caught On Camera - 05Caught On Camera - 06Caught On Camera - 07Caught On Camera - 08Caught On Camera - 09Caught On Camera - 10Caught On Camera - 11Caught On Camera - 12Caught On Camera - 13Caught On Camera - 14Caught On Camera - 15Caught On Camera - 16

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