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In the past few weeks there have been changes in the availability of our FWR Superstars so we've made a new category on the model page. We now have a category for "Superstars with Limited Availability" to accommodate the models who are still available for customs but not on a regular basis. Contact us for more information if you're interested in a custom video with these models.

We're also sad to say goodbye to Kat, Mia, and Sydney. Kat and Mia have decided to continue their lives elsewhere and we support them as they follow their life journey. Sydney has a very busy work schedule and will hopefully return someday when life is less hectic.

Kat will be available as a traveling visitor so we hope to see her again soon.

Scarlett, Lisa, and Mindy are on a hiatus for health reasons and will hopefully be returning in the near future.

You'll also notice that we've combined the "Visitors" and "Special Guests" categories into a single "Special Guests" category. Mainly because ALL of these outstanding performers are special in our eyes!

Keep an eye out for new FWR Superstars that we hope to begin bringing on in September and thanks for supporting FWR!

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This site was inspired by my love of women's wrestling. From the early 70's, when I realized that females were involved in the predominantly male sport of professional wrestling, I wanted to be a part of it.

Being a fan, I bought every pro wrestling magazine that I could find that included women. I subscribed to catalogues from companies that sold "apartment wrestling" videos. I watched televised pro wrestling events diligently waiting for the rare female wrestling match. And then came... THE INTERNET!!!

With patience, hard work, many talented models, and a knowledge built from being a fan, Fem Wrestling Rooms was born! Please take some time to look around, check out our videos and photo stories, and consider becoming a special VIP member. There's something for nearly everyone's tastes and I'm sure you won't be disappointed!