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Get Her Off Me!

Carrie has had a really bad day and asks her producer to call off the upcoming match against a visitor named Minxy. Minxy hails from London England and sneaks up behind the tired Carrie. After attacking her and pulling the tiny blond into the ring, Minxy proceeds to put her through a variety of extremely creative wrestling holds, some of which we've never seen before! Poor Carrie continually begs her producer to help her and call off the match. But her pleas for assistance seem to fall on deaf ears! While Minxy continues to trash talk her in a non-stop dialogue, Carrie keeps trying to get some help! Why would our handsome producer allow such a HORRIBLE destruction of one of his favorite fems? You'll have to purchase the video to find out! 

Get Her Off Me! - 01Click here for our video teaser!Get Her Off Me! - 01Get Her Off Me! - 02Get Her Off Me! - 03Get Her Off Me! - 04Get Her Off Me! - 05Get Her Off Me! - 06Get Her Off Me! - 07Get Her Off Me! - 08Get Her Off Me! - 09Get Her Off Me! - 10Get Her Off Me! - 11Get Her Off Me! - 12Get Her Off Me! - 13Get Her Off Me! - 14Get Her Off Me! - 15Get Her Off Me! - 16Get Her Off Me! - 17Get Her Off Me! - 18Get Her Off Me! - 19Get Her Off Me! - 20

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