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Welcome Back, Kitty Kat

This custom match is a sequel to “FWR Knockout Challenge” featuring Kat and Peyton being used by Kristie Etzold and Saharra Huxley as their KO dummies. Kat had moved away for awhile but when she returned she called Peyton to the ring where she challenged her to a rematch without the dominant veteran women. Peyton laughed at Kat for even thinking she could defeat her and they quickly entered the ring. Unfortunately for Kat, it’s a one-sided affair as Peyton easily dominates her with knockout after knockout. Poor Kat is put out with a sleeper hold, head scissors, double arm choke, a mounted strangle hold, a hangman, a camel clutch, a full nelson, an iron claw, a sleeper on the ropes, and an impressive nerve pinch to the neck with the ring ropes. After each knockout, Peyton wakes her opponent by either punching Kat in the belly, raking her nails across Kat’s belly, or yanking on her hair! Like Peyton says as she leaves an unconscious Kat in the ring, “Welcome back, Kitty Kat!”

Welcome Back, Kitty Kat - 01Click here for our video teaser!Welcome Back, Kitty Kat - 01Welcome Back, Kitty Kat - 02Welcome Back, Kitty Kat - 03Welcome Back, Kitty Kat - 04Welcome Back, Kitty Kat - 05Welcome Back, Kitty Kat - 06Welcome Back, Kitty Kat - 07Welcome Back, Kitty Kat - 08Welcome Back, Kitty Kat - 09Welcome Back, Kitty Kat - 10Welcome Back, Kitty Kat - 11Welcome Back, Kitty Kat - 12Welcome Back, Kitty Kat - 13Welcome Back, Kitty Kat - 14Welcome Back, Kitty Kat - 15Welcome Back, Kitty Kat - 16

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