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Trophy Knockouts

This custom video is not your normal wrestling match. Its main focus is on the view of an unconscious girl having her head pulled up by the hair and displayed to the camera like a trophy. The action is as follows: Peyton is stretching in the ring when Tori sneaks in behind her, puts a sleeper hold on her, then knocks her out. Tori rolls Peyton onto her belly and pulls her head up by the hair as the camera gets plenty of close ups of the unconscious beauty. The other knock outs from Tori include a temple drill and a body scissor/sleeper hold combination. For the final victory pose Tori removes one of Peyton’s socks and hog ties her followed by another nice trophy pose. Cut to a few days later when Peyton gets a rematch. She’s more prepared this time and quickly takes down the larger girl then knocks her out with a combination camel clutch/sleeper hold followed by a long and sexy hair pulling head lift. Peyton also knocks out Tori with some head smashes into the mat and a temple drill. Each of these are followed by the hot trophy poses. In the end, Peyton gets even by using Tori’s sock to hog tie her and show off her cute face in a final trophy pose.

Trophy Knockouts - 01Click here for our video teaser!Trophy Knockouts - 01Trophy Knockouts - 02Trophy Knockouts - 03Trophy Knockouts - 04Trophy Knockouts - 05Trophy Knockouts - 06Trophy Knockouts - 07Trophy Knockouts - 08Trophy Knockouts - 09Trophy Knockouts - 10Trophy Knockouts - 11Trophy Knockouts - 12Trophy Knockouts - 13Trophy Knockouts - 14Trophy Knockouts - 15Trophy Knockouts - 16Trophy Knockouts - 17Trophy Knockouts - 18Trophy Knockouts - 19Trophy Knockouts - 20

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