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The Secret Plans

(Filmed 4/18/2017) This fun custom video features Charlie and Mindy as secret agents who are trying to get access to some secret plans on a cell phone. Each knockout scene begins with one of the girls looking at the plans when the other sneaks up and knocks her out, taking the plans and leaving. Charlie gets knocked out by Mindy's hand over mouth smother, head smash into the ring post, a reverse head scissors, and belly punches while Charlie's trapped in the ropes. Mindy gets knocked out by Charlie's sleeper hold, a black jack blow to the head, a foot choke, and a good old fashioned uppercut punch to the jaw. You'll enjoy seeing these knockouts in action!

The Secret Plans - 01Click here for our video teaser!The Secret Plans - 01The Secret Plans - 02The Secret Plans - 03The Secret Plans - 04The Secret Plans - 05The Secret Plans - 06The Secret Plans - 07The Secret Plans - 08The Secret Plans - 09The Secret Plans - 10The Secret Plans - 11The Secret Plans - 12The Secret Plans - 13The Secret Plans - 14The Secret Plans - 15The Secret Plans - 16

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