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The Rescue Mission

(Filmed 12/6/2014) This creative custom was a challenging project for all of us involved. Becca is a tough henchwoman with special hypnosis powers, and her sidekick Carrie is a karate champion who has been hypnotized to serve Becca. Scene one opens with you (as a POV) sitting in your living room. Suddenly the front door is kicked open by a silent Carrie who drops you with a high kick. You try to crawl away and find Becca entering your home. Her and Carrie beat you down and kidnap you, taking you to their secret lair. Scene two has you tied in a chair as evil Becca demonstrates her powers over Carrie with some wrestling holds, telling you that you're going to become one of her special puppets soon. Scene three brings Agent Layla into the video accepting the job to go find Becca and save the captured man. Scene four has Layla entering the compound where she's attacked by several agents (all POV fights) that she easily dispatches. Scene five brings all girls together where Becca realizes that Layla is more powerful than she thought so she has Carrie fight her while she escapes to the back room. An exciting fight then happens between Carrie and Layla complete with kicks, punches, and karate chops. But in the end, Layla prevails and finds Becca, destroys her and rescues you!!! This is a simple description of an amazingly in depth video story that we're sure you'll love!

The Rescue Mission - 01Click here for our video teaser!The Rescue Mission - 01The Rescue Mission - 02The Rescue Mission - 03The Rescue Mission - 04The Rescue Mission - 05The Rescue Mission - 06The Rescue Mission - 07The Rescue Mission - 08The Rescue Mission - 09The Rescue Mission - 10The Rescue Mission - 11The Rescue Mission - 12The Rescue Mission - 13The Rescue Mission - 14The Rescue Mission - 15The Rescue Mission - 16The Rescue Mission - 17The Rescue Mission - 18The Rescue Mission - 19The Rescue Mission - 20The Rescue Mission - 21The Rescue Mission - 22The Rescue Mission - 23The Rescue Mission - 24

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