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Madison Meets Indica

Madison loves a good fight but when she exited the dressing room to head to the ring she stopped in her tracks! In the ring was a tough looking girl that looked like she could handle herself in the ring. Madison retreated to the dressing room and came up with a plan … hide an illegal object in her suit to use in case things got out of hand! Back in the ring the girls begin the match and it’s obvious that the new wrestler, Indica, knows what she’s doing! She dominates Madison with a tight head lock, boot chokes in the corner, and a back breaking dragon sleeper. Madison finally manages to get her hand down to her trunks to remove the foreign object then SMASHES it into Indica’s head! A quick reversal has Madison in control with her own dragon sleeper, some choking on the mat, a head lock, some corner belly poundings, plenty of head scissors, and a back breaking camel clutch. We’d love to say that Madison took this one home with a spectacular victory but we can’t. Indica is a tough cookie and you’ll need to purchase the video to see her spectacular turn around victory. Please welcome Indica to FWR!

Madison Meets Indica - 01Click here for our video teaser!Madison Meets Indica - 01Madison Meets Indica - 02Madison Meets Indica - 03Madison Meets Indica - 04Madison Meets Indica - 05Madison Meets Indica - 06Madison Meets Indica - 07Madison Meets Indica - 08Madison Meets Indica - 09Madison Meets Indica - 10Madison Meets Indica - 11Madison Meets Indica - 12Madison Meets Indica - 13Madison Meets Indica - 14Madison Meets Indica - 15Madison Meets Indica - 16Madison Meets Indica - 17Madison Meets Indica - 18Madison Meets Indica - 19Madison Meets Indica - 20

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