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Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle

Lisa recently brought Mackenzi to the studio for a little tour and before we knew it, the two girls were choosing wrestling outfits and entering the ring to have some fun! Lisa got a little carried away though and instead of simply demonstrating some holds to her friend she got a little rough! The cute 19 year old Mackenzie found her head being squished in a head lock then flipped to the mat to get locked up in a body scissor and full nelson! Lisa continued punishing her friend with a reverse head scissor and finally a front body scissor with a head lock that knocked poor Mackenzi out! Lisa suddenly realized that she got carried away and woke her friend only to have Mackenzi attack! A short hairpulling cat fight happened and our newest fem got the advantage, yanking Lisa to her feet and working her over in the corner. Two snap mares later and the stunned Lisa found herself in a Boston crab followed by a side head scissors! The cute blond suddenly went unconscious in a side reverse scissor and Mackenzi got the pin and the sweet victory pose! We welcome the lovely Mackenzi to FWR!

Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle - 01Click here for our video teaser!Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle - 01Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle - 02Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle - 03Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle - 04Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle - 05Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle - 06Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle - 07Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle - 08Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle - 09Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle - 10Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle - 11Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle - 12Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle - 13Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle - 14Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle - 15Mackenzi Learns to Wrestle - 16

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