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Layla Gets Even

(Filmed 1/13/2015) Layla enters the studio to find Mystique unconscious in the ring. The tough pro wrestler had just been knocked out by Becca (coming in a future video release) and left there. Well, after getting so thoroughly beaten by Mystique (see "Layla Meets Mystique"), Layla decides to get some revenge. She stomps on Mystique to wake her then puts her in an arm bar. The tough pro wrestler doesn't know what's happening as Layla knocks her out with a figure four head scissors only to stomp her in the belly to wake her back up! The diminutive blond throws Mystique in the corners and even performs an amazing monkey flip on her! After focusing on holds that place her shoes in Mystique's face, Layla puts her in a sleeper hold to knock her out a second time! Again, Layla wakes Mystique up to do several more creative foot chokes, stomps, and foot in face maneuvers until a running bulldog finishes off Mystique for the final shoe in face victory pose! If you like seeing Layla dishing out the punishment then this video is for you!

Layla Gets Even - 01Click here for our video teaser!Layla Gets Even - 01Layla Gets Even - 02Layla Gets Even - 03Layla Gets Even - 04Layla Gets Even - 05Layla Gets Even - 06Layla Gets Even - 07Layla Gets Even - 08Layla Gets Even - 09Layla Gets Even - 10Layla Gets Even - 11Layla Gets Even - 12Layla Gets Even - 13Layla Gets Even - 14Layla Gets Even - 15Layla Gets Even - 16

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