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Kat's Big Mistake

(Filmed 12/8/2016) We have no idea why the young female wrestlers here at FWR kept wanting to beat up Hollywood during her recent visit. Perhaps it's some sort of badge of honor to win against someone as famous as Hollywood, or perhaps the girls here are very territorial and fell like this is their home turf. Whatever the reason, Kat finds out that it's not a good idea to mess with a visitor. Hollywood, in her street clothes, enters the studio to stretch when Kat suddenly appears and jumps her from behind. A tight sleeper hold knocks Hollywood out and Kat does a quick 10 count pin. She jumps up, throws her arms in the air, and declares herself the winner! Cut to several days later as Kat is in the ring wondering who her opponent is, when suddenly Hollywood appears. Kat's eye's get wide with shock as she mutters, "Oh, sh*t!"  That's about all Kat had to say for the remainder of this match except her screams of pain! Hollywood DESTROYS poor Kat with lots of scissors, leg locks, a camel clutch, a step over toe hold, and a final sleeper hold that takes all the strength out of our young brunette! Hollywood does three different pins (leg hook pin, schoolgirl pin, and matchbook pin) Then removes her boots and socks for a final humiliating foot on face victory pose!

Kat's Big Mistake - 01Click here for our video teaser!Kat's Big Mistake - 01Kat's Big Mistake - 02Kat's Big Mistake - 03Kat's Big Mistake - 04Kat's Big Mistake - 05Kat's Big Mistake - 06Kat's Big Mistake - 07Kat's Big Mistake - 08Kat's Big Mistake - 09Kat's Big Mistake - 10Kat's Big Mistake - 11Kat's Big Mistake - 12Kat's Big Mistake - 13Kat's Big Mistake - 14Kat's Big Mistake - 15Kat's Big Mistake - 16

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