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Jenny's Rag Doll

(Filmed 8/27/2015) Our video opens with LeAnn stretching in the ring. She's heard about Jenny and although the girl is much larger than her she's confident that her experience will make this an easy match. Jenny enters and gets right in LeAnn's face, telling her that she's going to turn her into a rag doll! The match begins and LeAnn quickly gets Jenny down and applies a tight reverse head scissors but Jenny uses her strength to roll them both over and pop her head free. From there on out it's a total squash match with LeAnn getting stomped in the crotch, body slammed, carried in both a fireman's carry and torture rack, then humiliated with lots of over the shoulder carries, shoulder rides, piggy back rides … all while LeAnn begs to be let down! Jenny ends up sitting on little LeAnn in a school girl pin and counts to 9 but stops there because she wants to REALLY enjoy humiliating this rag doll! LeAnn is hoisted onto Jenny's shoulders for a final fireman's carry as she moans and groans in defeat and utter humiliation!

Jenny's Rag Doll - 01Click here for our video teaser!Jenny's Rag Doll - 01Jenny's Rag Doll - 02Jenny's Rag Doll - 03Jenny's Rag Doll - 04Jenny's Rag Doll - 05Jenny's Rag Doll - 06Jenny's Rag Doll - 07Jenny's Rag Doll - 08Jenny's Rag Doll - 09Jenny's Rag Doll - 10Jenny's Rag Doll - 11Jenny's Rag Doll - 12Jenny's Rag Doll - 13Jenny's Rag Doll - 14Jenny's Rag Doll - 15Jenny's Rag Doll - 16

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