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I Should Have Trained!

(Filmed 4/18/2016) This great custom video begins with Antoinette in her bedroom getting into bed. She has a boxing match versus Peyton tomorrow and is so confident that she talks about skipping her training … sure that she’ll be able to crush the skinny brunette with ease. As Antoinette drifts off to sleep she begins to dream of her dominance over Peyton. Antoinette dreams about the complete one sided boxing destruction, as poor Peyton is punched all over the ring (complete with the "Patented Fem Wrestling Rooms Speedbag Facial") and quickly knocks her out cold with an uppercut! After Antoinette’s victory pose, we fade out of her dream and back to reality, as Antoinette wakes up, overflowing with even more confidence now after her dream of complete domination. We fade into the ring for the actual match, where Peyton is warming up. Antoinette walks in, filled with confidence, as she claims that this will be a quick match. Peyton isn't concerned and uses her speed to duck two of the larger beauty's hooks, then nails Antoinette with an uppercut! Antoinette gets angry and shoves Peyton into a corner for a HARD jab to the face … but the tiny brunette ducks and Antoinette smashes her fist into the hard turnbuckle! We soon find out that Peyton is way too fast for Antoinette and in no time Antoinette is dazed and at Peyton's mercy. Peyton traps the dazed amazon in many compromising positions around the ring, dominating her helpless foe with tons of punches to the face and body as well as multiple patented Fem Wrestling Rooms Speed Bag Facials. Antoinette even finds herself trapped in the ropes TWO times to get PLOWED with punches from the cute and giggling Peyton! The end of Antoinette’s destruction finally comes after Peyton delivers a kiss on the cheek and a crushing uppercut to the jaw, knocking Antoinette out cold. Peyton strikes her victory poses over the sleeping amazon then skips back to the dressing room. Antoinette comes to after Peyton has left,  really punch drunk, and groggily admits that she probably shouldn’t have skipped her training! Her eyes cross and she passes back out. You'll LOVE this fun custom video! 

I Should Have Trained! - 01Click here for our video teaser!I Should Have Trained! - 01I Should Have Trained! - 02I Should Have Trained! - 03I Should Have Trained! - 04I Should Have Trained! - 05I Should Have Trained! - 06I Should Have Trained! - 07I Should Have Trained! - 08I Should Have Trained! - 09I Should Have Trained! - 10I Should Have Trained! - 11I Should Have Trained! - 12I Should Have Trained! - 13I Should Have Trained! - 14I Should Have Trained! - 15I Should Have Trained! - 16I Should Have Trained! - 17I Should Have Trained! - 18I Should Have Trained! - 19I Should Have Trained! - 20

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